UGO Networks
We have partnered with UGO to provide our customers the use of the Taxi Free Phones at Asda, Marks & Spencer, Co-Operative and Lidls. We have private Taxi Free Phones at the Copperhouse Inn, Boxx Nightclub and Outside of our Office.

The phones are easy to use, all you have to do is pick up the handset and press the button and wait for the call to be connected to one of our operators. We are also looking to expand by leasing more phones from UGO when they become available.


Asda Logo
The phone is located by the Self Service tills.
Address: 1, South Quay, Hayle, TR27 4EP

Copperhouse Inn

Phone is located on the wall by the doors to the Smoking Area
Address: 11 Fore St, Hayle, TR27 4DX
Marks & Spencer
The phone is located by the tills in the Food Hall.
Address: West Cornwall Retail Park Marsh La, Hayle, TR27 5LX
Lidl Logo
The phone is located by the checkouts
Address: Carwin Rise, Loggans, Hayle, TR27 5PN
Marks & Spencer
The phone is located at the front of our office and is accessible 24/7

iPhone & Android Applications

We can also be found on the Metro CabFinder application, which is one of the best, and most regulated Mobile Phone Taxi Directory applications. Click the relevant image to download the Application.
Android App Store
iTunes App Store

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